November 28, 2020 7:42 pm


creating an open and constructive environment to support the economic, social and environmental structural transformation of Africa's mineral sector


MADI’s Advisory Council is composed of renown African and International experts, business executives and practitioners. They provide non-binding but informed guidance and serve as a tremendous ally in our quest for excellence and superior corporate governance.

Advisory Council members provide valuable experience, expertise and perspectives that add richness and authenticity to our Organization. They facilitate communication between mining and minerals sector community and MADI Board and Management Team.

In addition to providing and engaging in opportunities and information exchange and promoting the role and mandate of MADI, Advisory Council’s valuable contribution is providing formal but non-decision making advice, formulating opinions, and making recommendations on questions where the topic affects the direction of the Institution.

Advisory Council Members

Dorotee Gizenga

Nicole Smith

Tim Dobush

Melody Kweba

Joe Cucuzaa

Prof John Ludden

Professor John Ludden CBE is Bicentennial Research Professor at Heriot Watt University, following 13 years as Executive Director of the British Geological Survey.

Isac Kwesu

Abdoulaye Pona

Dr Edem Adzoganu

Edem Adzogenu is an accomplished investment facilitation, government affairs and international crisis management specialist for global investors and businesses across Africa

Aggrey Ashaba

Dr Mima Nedelcovych

Dr. Nedelcovych is the Founder and Chairman of AfricaGlobal Partners, a strategic consulting firm focused on project development, project finance, trade facilitation, and public-private partnerships in developing countries, with a particular focus on Africa.

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