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creating an open and constructive environment to support the economic, social and environmental structural transformation of Africa's mineral sector


Transforming and Empowering the Africa’s Minerals Sector through Partnerships

The Minerals Africa Development Institution (MADI) Limited is a social enterprise registered in Uganda as a Company Limited by Guarantee with an aim of supporting African countries in sustainable mineral resources development. MADI was established to de-risk the African minerals sector to ensure that there are mutual social and economic benefits accruing equitably to all key stakeholders (public, private and communities), while protecting the environment.

For MADI, partnerships for equitable minerals sector in Africa are of utmost importance. Thus, for our institution, it is imperative to work with the African Union (AU) and other African and international agencies supporting the social, environmental, economic development and structural transformation of Africa in an inclusive and sustainable manner as defined by Africa’s Agenda 2063, Global 2030, and the Africa Mining Vision (AMV).

However, partnerships with official African and international development institutions are not going to bring the expected outcomes unless the other key stakeholders such as private mining companies, miners, artisanal miners, governments, local communities and associations, including universities, research institutions and academia are left aside. We should also not forget important factors such as diversity and inclusion, having in mind the unique characteristics of the African minerals sector formal and informal workforce as their challenges continue to plague the sector as written by South Africa’s DIMI Chairperson, S. Ndlovu. (

The Policy Framework for Successful Partnerships

At MADI, we recognize that each partnership in the Minerals Sector in Africa can be more beneficial for Africans if they are linked to and support the delivery of the sustainable development goals (SDGs), Africa’s Agenda 2063, Global 2030, and the Africa Mining Vision (AMV). SDG 17 specifically promotes public, private and civil society partnerships.

The dialogue with potential partners with the common interests and objectives in the minerals sector in Africa is a first step towards a more structured engagement at the African level. For MADI, the aim is to establish a framework for concrete partnerships to support our own goals and objectives for de-risking the African minerals sector to ensure that there are mutual social and economic benefits accruing equitably to all key stakeholders. Equally important is that our partnerships must work towards supporting the delivery of the SDGs in Africa. In the next step, MADI works with partners to identify areas in which such a partnership could be most effective in order to identify concrete actions and expected outcomes.

MADI’s principles for partners in a successful partnership are:

  • The common, honest and transparent objectives of a partnership, equal among partners and built on trust with clear roles and responsibilities;
  • Partners need to be strategic to ensure sustainability for partnership;
  • Partnership goals and objectives should be aligned with the national, regional and/or continental plans;
  • Holistic approach in developing partnerships – if linked to SDGs, partnerships should focus on more than one SDG for Africa’s development;
  • Partnerships and partners must leverage core competences and bring on board local partners to achieve impact and not only outcomes.

In addition to jointly implementing activities and projects, partnership with MADI can help enhance your professional profile, develop your business network and build your Organization’s profile.

Partner with MADI

To enquire about entering into partnership with MADI, please contact: Frank Dixon Mugyenyi – Chairman of the Board of Minerals Africa Development Institution (MADI) Lt. tel: +256 78 522 6575 email: or
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